Choosing Liquidation Électroménagers is choosing a complete service for everything related to your appliances. Of course, you will always find appliances on liquidation offered at the best prices. Then take advantage of our home delivery service. Our team will not only be able to pick up your old appliances, but they can also install your new appliances if you wish. If you have a problem with one of your appliances, we have the replacement part you need in our parts inventory. Not sure you want to try repairing your appliance yourself? No problem, you can call on our experienced technicians who will travel to your home to make the necessary repairs.We have over 20 years of experience in home appliances and have seen their evolution throughout the years. We know how they work in every detail!Appliances on LiquidationLiquidation Électroménagers is a retailer licensed by major brand manufacturers for the resale of appliances under different conditions. You will benefit from new unpacked appliances, products with slight imperfections, refurbished appliances as well as discontinued items and surplus stock. You'll save hundreds of dollars for an appliance that's as good as new and packaged, and from best-known brands, so why pay more when you get the same product at Liquidation Électroménagers?Delivery, pickup and installation!Few companies offer all these services at the same place. Most appliance stores will offer delivery and pickup of old appliances but will refuse to install your new appliances. We are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible and we want you to leave with peace of mind! That's why our professionals can install your dishwasher, your refrigerator with water supply (if the water supply is already in place), your washer and dryer! Just mention what you need when you purchase your appliance and your representative will explain everything you need to know.Our delivery service is included within a radius of 25 kilometers for a fee of $ 90.00$. If you are outside this radius, we will propose a solution that will meet your needs. Our fast delivery service is carried out by professional people who will bring your appliances wherever you want them.Repair ServiceYour dishwasher no longer drains water?Your dryer does not fully dry your clothes?Your washer sends you an error code and you do not know what to do?Your refrigerator is leaking?Don’t worry, call Liquidation Électroménagers! We are THE appliance experts and our technicians have the necessary experience to find the problem and will try to repair it to avoid you having to buy a new appliance. Our courteous and professional service will allow you to have peace of mind and have your appliance back on track in no time!Large Inventory of Available PartsWe have a large inventory of parts available in stock for all brands and all types of appliances. If one of our technicians is called for a repair, rest assured he will have access to the parts he needs. If you want to repair your appliance yourself, no problem! You will find the replacement part you need at our parts counter.Satisfaction GuaranteedLiquidation Électroménagers offers a full one-year warranty on all appliances. If you want to get an extended warranty, ask your representative and he/she will suggest different options to help you have peace of mind.FinancingThe purchase of one or more household appliances can be a significant expense for many people. That's why Liquidation Électroménagers offers a financing solution adapted to your needs and your reality in partnership with the company Flexiti Finance. Contact your Liquidation Électroménagers representative when making your purchase to learn more about our financing options.Drop by our store today, at our Longueuil or Montreal location.